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Prolapsed Disc / Sciatica

I have a prolapsed disc and acute sciatica and my Physio has told me to do Pilates, but I'm absolutely terrified of doing the wrong exercises

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Facet Joint Syndrome

I've suffered from repeated flare-ups of agonising lower back pain for the past 5 years, and I'm desperate to find a long term solution

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My hip is becoming increasingly painful and stiff, and the painkillers and exercises I've been given aren't helping

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Pre and Post Surgery

I'm scheduled for a knee replacement operation in 12 weeks time and I want to get back to an active lifestyle afterwards

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I have osteoporosis and my GP said I need to improve my bone density, but I’m scared that exercise will damage my bones

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Over 65

I'm 79 and I need to find a safe but effective way to exercise to reduce my knee pain, improve my balance and help me to get stronger

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I've been advised that I'm hypermobile and that I need to improve my joint stability in order to prevent injuries and early onset osteoarthritis

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Stability and Flexibility

I feel so stiff but stretching doesn’t seem to make any difference, so I want find a way to safely improve my flexibility

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I want to experience the health benefits of good posture - reduced tension and back pain, improved digestion and breathing

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What our clients say

I am an energetic 80 year old who had back surgery 3 years ago. After six months I had serious leg pain, struggled to walk more than 100 yards and was diagnosed with nerve damage. Teejay immediately assessed a hip problem. I am now about to have hip surgery and cannot thank him enough for spotting a problem the medics overlooked. I look forward to getting back to Pilates and all the activities I’ve missed for 5 years. Tess – Retired

My praise for the team is long overdue. Susan and Teejay helped me get back to skiing after I snapped AC ligaments in both knees. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy life as I have used to! Ana P – Doctor

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