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About The Sogunro Practice

We’re a dedicated musculoskeletal therapy and pilates-based exercise centre providing assessment, treatment, functional exercise, plus some great practical advice.

Our aim is to make you feel better and to keep you moving.

Who do we help?

We’ve been here in the heart of London Colney village, St Albans, since 2008 – our clients range from 8 to 88 years of age, they’re at all levels of physical fitness, and come to us from all walks of life. What they do have in common is that they all want to maintain, improve or restore whatever functional level they require, whether it’s to be able to perform everyday activities, or to do their job, enjoy their favourite pastime, or to play recreational or elite sport.

We are well aware that for some people this can appear an intimidating environment to enter, so we want to reassure newcomers. You will feel at ease here. It is not a competitive environment and we will ensure you only work to a level you feel comfortable with. Don’t feel anxious about coming along.

How do we help?

These are some examples of the kinds of things our clients ask us to help them with:

  • Improve posture, strength, stability, flexibility, bone density.

  • Manage musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, from long-term pain to recent injuries.

  • Rehabilitate sports injuries from recreational through to elite level.

  • Provide pre-operative exercise therapy and post-operative rehabilitation.

  • Work with specialist conditions such as connective tissue disorders.

Meet the Team

Teejay Sogunro

This fresh and modern approach to clinical Pilates is the brainchild of Teejay Sogunro. His passion derives from his own personal journey of many years in search of pain relief from a debilitating back condition, the result of playing semi-professional sport for many years.

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Kevin Powell

Kevin is a physiotherapist with 12 years experience working in private practice clinics, and for high profile clients including Brentford, Watford and West Ham FC. He will help you to recover from injury and restore mobility, maintaining your fitness level by helping you to exercise around your specific needs.

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