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Opening Date! Monday 27th July!

If you are a current customer you should already have received an update email directly from us – if you have not received an email and would like us to include you on our re-opening updates please email directly to

UPDATE 15 July 2020

For our second update we’re delighted to be letting you know that both the Applied Pilates studio and the Osteolates treatment clinic will be open again on Monday 27 July.

We appreciate that not everyone will be able to come back straight away, but rest assured we are doing everything we can to ensure that you can feel as secure as possible if and when you decide to return.

The events over the past four months have necessitated us putting in place significant measures to keep everyone safe. This means that our ways of doing things have evolved, so in this update we want to share some of those developments with you.

1. Our Covid-19 Secure Procedures

We’re committed to safeguarding us all from the spread of Covid-19. We’ve conducted a Covid-19 risk assessment and introduced significant adaptions to our environment, exercises and treatments to protect all participants from risk of infection. Everyone will have their part to play in this, and by attending you will be agreeing to take precautions and to comply fully with our procedures to help keep all of us safer from exposure and illness. You will receive a copy of our Covid-19 Secure Procedures prior to attending.

2. Customer Risk Assessment

Everyone will be asked to complete a Customer Risk Assessment before returning so that we can make sure that we book your sessions at the times appropriate for your risk category.

3. Small Group Timetable Changes

The number of people per class will be reduced for a period of time, but we are running more classes to compensate. Our new class times are shown on the Timetable page.

4. Payment Options

Full details of terms and prices for all payment options are shown on the Payment Options page, please follow the link below to our Payment Options page.

To ask questions about any of this information, or to book a Small Group, or a private appointment for Applied Pilates or Osteolates please email or call 07734 578959.

We are so looking forward to welcoming everyone back into the studio. Things will be a little different to start with but one thing will not change – that is our commitment to providing you with the best functional exercise, the most effective musculoskeletal treatment, plus great practical advice. Our aim as ever, is to make you feel better, help you to take control of your musculoskeletal issues and to keep you moving.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon,

 Teejay and Susan


UPDATE 21 June 2020

We hope you are all as well as can be in these times – we are well aware from the many messages and calls over the past 3 months that we’ve all had very different experiences of the lockdown.

We’re being optimistic that we’ll be able to re-open sometime soon, and during the past 3 months we’ve been working really hard to get the Applied Pilates exercise studio and the Osteolates treatment clinic ready for the new ways of working.

We have been cleaning, re-organising and re-painting, and most importantly we have had our detailed Covid-19 risk assessment completed by a Microbiologist. Currently we are implementing many changes to the way we’ll do things in future, to make sure risks are reduced, so that everyone who is able to attend can feel as safe as possible.

We will be updating you on our Covid-19 Secure environment once we get the green light from the government. We do appreciate that not everyone will be able to come back straight away, but rest assured we are doing everything we can to ensure that you can feel as secure as possible if and when you decide to return.

Finally, we would like to say a massive thank you for the very many messages of support and encouragement that we’ve received during this challenging period, we’ve been so touched by your kindness and thoughtfulness. We so appreciate the wonderful community we’ve all built together over the past years and we hope that we can all have many more years working together to keep us all moving and able to do the things we want or love to do.

With our best wishes to you and yours, Teejay and Susan

Update on status of Standing Orders and Block Payments
Any credits on your account remain, ready to be used when sessions resume.
Standing Orders: monthly payments are paused during lockdown and can recommence for the month that we re-open. If you have overpaid beyond March, your payments are secure and we will discuss with you on return the options of a payment holiday or to use those payments for additional sessions.
Block Payments: any sessions that remained unused when lockdown commenced are secure and will still be valid to use on your return.