Is your back pain the symptoms or the issue?

Look below 👇

2nd toe is displaced and the inside of the foot bones are bulging into the soft tissue of the inside of this patient’s foot 🤕

Would you want to put weight through this leg on every step on your journey to work or walking to school with the little ones?

The poor spine is getting blamed once again - 24 bones in the foot and 33 bones in the spine.

If I combined my physio treatment exploring both I must get a better outcome rather than just focusing on the back when its clear the foot is the driving force behind this clients’ back pain.

I wonder….. when injections and surgery don’t ease the issue in the spine then is the spine the main culprit? Food for thought I would say...

I constantly hear ‘it’s the pillow, its my bed’ but what happens to those people who can't afford a bed and a good pillow - do they have neck and back pain?

Yes, changing the bed and pillow works for a small portion of people with back pain.

By doing the above have you got to the root cause of the issue by changing your pillow, your trainers or your bed?

Or have you just put a bandage 🤕 over the issue?

Is that injection putting that pain to rest or just dampening it down so you can go on with life until it resurfaces again?

I have seen it all folks! Working in football and private practice it’s what we do to get players and patients back quickly - it happened to me – but that’s another post….

Our bodies and minds are designed for a mix of both challenges and support.

Listen 👂 to your body - it’s amazing when you do.

All is manageable in my eyes - it’s a journey, just as life has ups and downs.

Not making any promises but get started and see where the journey takes you…….

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