Do not ignore your back pain!!!

Look below and see the difference between the two images that were taken more than 12 months apart.

Ignoring your pain can lead to further complications!

It’s been a crazy few months seeing psysiotherapy patients online and face to face.

A lot has been happening and patients have been exercising to help with keeping their mental health in check, especially running.

This is all great, but to what extent? Running is not for everyone (and no, it’s not age related either).

I haven’t run for months because of my hip injury which is coming from a severe ankle sprain 20 years ago (the human body is quite amazing… something so long ago comes back to haunt me!).

I could push through and run but what price would I have to pay for doing that in months to years to come?

Listen to your body if there is something that is painful - there is a reason for this.

If you are comitted and have tried all and it’s failed then why not reach out and let’s have a chat?

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