What information is your trainer telling you ?

If your car wheel was worn down like this what would you do? Look at picture below.


I am hoping you are all saying ' take it to the garage to get it checked and changed'.

Possibly even check that the tyre is aligned properly…..

Have a think - are our bodies so different? Maybe we are too quick to look over these things.

The trainer below belongs to someone who has had hip pain for many years and seen different practitioners, most of whom just focused on the left hip because that’s where the patient's pain is.

No one has wondered about what the patient's left shoulder? Hmmmmm, no connection at all to the fact they had a motor bike accident which resulted in several surgeries. This happened before the hip pain came along.

We all focus on muscles, get them strong to put length into them by stretching. But we don’t think about the bones and their relationship with the muscles.

Start paying attention to you? Why is that calf hurting, why is my toe clawing the ground?

It’s all about the details and being present. Having a plan on knowing where you are and how you are going to get out of your pain. Easier said than done, right?!

Luckily, I am around to help you get that plan off the ground! Get in touch and let's discuss your physiotherapy requirements.

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