What’s driving your back pain?

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Physiotherapy patient has been experiencing back pain and noticed a curvature in their spine when they walked passed the mirror, but thought this was normal.

They noticed this issue but still continued his couch to 5k run, determined to get fit to keep their weight down.

Some of you savvy people out there probably know this was not a good idea!

Back pain became increasingly worse with every step. They went to see a therapist who suggested the standard glutes and core exercises which they did but they was still struggling to shift this pain.

For a small part of the population the glutes and core exercises would be enough, but not for many who suffer with back pain throughout their life time.

Fair play to my patient - they persevered to find the right path and the right answers...and landed on my door step.

So, first session we discussed their past injury history because I had noticed they was not putting a lot weight through their right foot. But then I noticed a scar. This was a stubborn verruca which they have had treated over several months which was still sore on touch.

My question to my patient standing in front of me 'do you feel you are putting weight through your right foot, any weight on 2nd and 3rd toe toe?' they said no. My response: 'so when you are running did you think that this would help you start to put weight through your right foot, 2nd and 3rd toe?'

Hell no!! If its not happening when you stand then it ain't going to happen when you start running! What impact will this have on your structure for them - well its back pain for someone else, it could be calf pain when then run or cramp at night.

What did I do I hear you ask? I created a space for the right foot and especially the 2nd and 3rd toe to feel safe - I won't go into the technical detail here! - I allowed the foot to lengthen and shorten. I created an environment where the brain can recognise weight going through the whole foot with his pelvis, ribcage and skull all stacked up and aligned, the way it should be.

What of the Verruca? Well, this was part of the culprit, the patient didn't realise that they were not putting weight on the foot because of the verruca, if this had healed properly then they wouldn't have been in so much pain. Yes, even a scar can have a big impact on recovery.

Their pain has felt different so let's see where the journey takes us? Are they running yet - no. Why? Because the objective is to feel weight coming through to their right foot first, then we will reassess again.

Small steps, big rewards, all about the detail...

Please follow your own rehabilitation path.

I have been doing this for many years and everyone is so different and should be treated individually. Please contact me to find out more information and to book

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