Where is the pain?

In my last post I spoke about a patient who had jaw issues and I asked you to guess what part of the body I was actually treating (it wasn't the jaw). Look at pictures below 👇


Surprisingly, I had to treat their left hip and back - directly related to their jaw.

You might be wondering 'Kevin, how can this be so?'🧐

The human body is incredible, honestly, the way it finds ways to deal with issues is clever, but can ultimately also hinder.

This patient was living mostly in their right side, walking around, with an off centre mass. Imagine you putting a shelf up and the spirit level was not level - would you still drill the holes in.

I am hoping you said no!

Back to the patients jaw - they had metal work put in place because it was dislocated from having a benign tumour.

The body decided it did not want to go into the left side, due to the surgery they had - it was probably too traumatic......

Because of this, their body was trying to protect the left side of the body, which led to them overloading their right side.

I am now working on physiotherapy treatment to bring them back to centre.

Thinking outside the box means that you are open to looking at the body as a whole and connecting all the dots. Plus, I love being a detective, so this case is right up my street! If you have any issues like that, why not get in touch to see how we can help?

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