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Susan Sogunro

Susan’s journey to becoming an exercise professional focusing on remedial practice began with her own experience of what the Applied Pilates approach could offer. A hip replacement operation in her 40’s opened her eyes to what a crucial difference Pilates could make both pre- and post-surgery.

“Understandably many people who have to go through something like a hip or knee replacement will be so focused on the painful joint that they won’t even consider the effect of the procedure on the surrounding muscles. And if those muscles are already weakened by years of pain and immobility before your operation, getting to full functionality again afterwards can be a slow and frustrating process. Applied Pilates offers a safe and effective way of being able to strengthen those muscles both before and after an operation, but within your limitations at that time.”

Susan’s professional expertise complements Teejay’s clinically based experience and skills, her knowledge and passion has always had its roots in science – right from childhood through to studying microbiology and genetics at degree level.

This led to a successful career in the food industry as a Microbiologist and then later specialising as a consultant, both home and abroad, on food safety and legality for well-known international brands. Today she maintains an active interest in the science of the gut biome and how the range and quality of intestinal microbes affects so many aspects of our health.

After her hip replacement, these two areas of interest combined and Susan became fascinated by the scientific and clinical base of Pilates exercises when specifically and appropriately applied, and how significantly the correct set of exercises could make such a difference to an individual.

“Rehab isn’t just about what happens in a hospital straight after an operation – it’s any activity prescribed by a musculoskeletal or clinical exercise therapist that reduces pain and dysfunction for their client. So, whether a client comes to us with general aches and pains from everyday activities, or whether they’ve been referred by their GP or consultant, they all want to achieve their optimum functionality for whatever their personal lifestyle requires”

Susan’s thirst for knowledge has been accompanied by a real desire to give clients the tools to maintain their best possible functionality when going about their day to day life – whether that means sitting at a desk, running 10k, or simply being able to walk to the shops without fear of falling.

“Applied Pilates is not about bringing people in and getting them to exercise for an hour a week. It’s actually about the other 167 hours a week when they’re not here, the long term, teaching our clients skills that they subconsciously use for the rest of their lives.”

Susan continues to excel in extending her expertise; she is also an accredited REHAB Trainer, is certified to practise as a Pink Ribbon Program Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist and is an accredited Pre and Postnatal Exercise Instructor.

“It’s all part of me making sure that I am educated in the clinical aspects as well as the exercise therapy. I want to be aware of what my clients are going through and what results are possible for each individual.”

  • BSc Hons Microbiologist
  • Certified Pilates Instructor: Stott Pilates trained and CQF Diploma
  • Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals
  • Certified Rehab Trainer
  • Rehabilitative Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Certified Ante Natal & Post Natal Exercise Trainer
  • Certifications require 25 hours a year of Continuing Professional Development
  • First Aid trained with onsite defibrillator equipment