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on 17 Jul 2020 by Joan P | Occupation: Retired

I am a 76 yrs. grey wrinkly. 21 yrs. ago I developed a walking problem after post viral fatigue. I was off-work for 5 mos.; the first 2 mos., mainly in bed. This problem initially was intermittent, then slowly progressed to using a cane. I looked like a puppet with a string cut, as I walked in a lopsided fashion. I even secured a disability parking permit; – BUT, I had no pain !
Later I developed a prolapsed disc with significant pain. I had a successful decompression op., but the lopsided puppet persisted, ho hum !
I decided to take-up swimming again to regain fitness, eventually doing a mile 2X weekly. in early 2009 I could not swim a stroke. Any action that involved even a minor movement of my head back, stabbed pain in my lower back !
My daughters suggested that I should consider reformer pilates. After researching options, Applied Pilates stood head & shoulders above the rest. Little did I know I had hit the jackpot !
I started in Oct. 2009, 2X weekly. After 1 ½ years the interfacet joint pain was history. After another 1 ½ years, the lopsided puppet could run, jump, skip & dance ! I was simply & quite joyfully NORMAL. Patience, persistence, Teejay & now Susan was my recipe for success.
Now 10 1½ yrs on came Covid 19 & Lockdown. After 4 weeks of being housebound, the lopsided puppet is doing an encore.
Roll on the restart of pilates, July 27th 2020 !

Take charge of your health!

on 23 Feb 2020 by Brian Attwood | Occupation: Editorial Director

Have had treatment variously for what had been recurring lower back pain, a shoulder injury and sports-related oedema. The combination of Teejay’s treatment and Susan’s pilates sessions did the trick for me, fixing the first two and enabling me to keep the latter under control. What I liked was having an informed physiological explanation of what the problems and solutions were during both treatment and exercise, so I could understand the benefits of doing them. It’s a grown-up approach that encourages you take charge of your health, backed up by expertise.

Amazing Osteolates Therapy!

on 23 Jan 2020 by Sarah Mitchell | Occupation: HR Manager

When I was diagnosed with a slipped disc and severe pain in my lower back, I saw a physio and a doctor. They both said i should consider injections as the pain wasn’t getting better and the physio sessions weren’t helping. Thankfully I decided I needed a 2nd opinion before I went for injections. Thanks to Teejay, i didn’t need to have injections and my back is almost free from pain! He seemed to know how to treat the problem and what i needed to do. Thank you for your support Teejay.

Managing Scoliosis

on 18 Jan 2020 by Lisa Hunjan | Occupation: Business Consultant

I have scoliosis so have a level of back pain every day, but after a car accident it was really bad – Teejay was the only person to treat me where for a little while after, I had no pain. I now see him every time my scoliosis gets bad – his awareness of which parts of my back to treat, his technique and the equipment he uses is superb. He knows his stuff, you don’t feel anything is rushed and he genuinely makes a difference to how I feel. I would 100% recommend him without hesitation.

Fantastic Service

on 3 Jun 2019 by Linda Philips | Occupation: Speech & Language Therapist

When I started, I had considerable back pain on a daily basis. Weekly sessions have helped me to build strength and flexibility which has significantly enhanced my quality of life. Susan has guided me through the exercises making sure that they are carried out correctly. I have done mat pilates in the past but the reformers make all the difference. Highly recommended!

Excellent Decision

on 6 Mar 2019 by Julie Root | Occupation: Beauty Therapist

Best decision I ever made, was reaching out to Teejay & Susan at Applied Pilates. I’ve suffered for 30yrs on and off with back trouble, every year or so having a course of treatment elsewhere to ease things up but never quite fixing it. Now nearly 3yrs later and one hour Reformer Pilates session a week, I have had the occasional twinge but nothing seizes my up like before. Friendly classes of up to 6 people, and everyone is doing their own programme. And the unexpected bonus is my body shape has change too, I’m trimmer because my core is stronger.

Give it a go

on 23 Feb 2019 by Rohini | Occupation: Dentist

Having enjoyed running for many years I started experiencing pain in my knees and inside legs. Having seen 3 other different specialists nothing really helped and I stopped running. After starting Applied Pilates slowly I have got back to running without the pains and definitely feel stronger for it. I was unsure at first but I am glad I started the reformer sessions. Most of my family see Teejay and Susan and are grateful for all their help and support.

Mobile Again!

on 18 Feb 2019 by Hilary Smith | Occupation: Retired

I have suffered for over 20 years with lower back pain but just after Christmas my back went into spasm and I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was recommended to TeeJay and after a couple of sessions I was more mobile than I had been in years. I cannot thank him enough – he knew exactly what the problem was and how to treat it.

Transformed my life

on 18 Jan 2019 by Mary | Occupation: Doctor

I suffered for years with right knee pain and intermittent joint swelling which persisted after two arthroscopies. I was developing a fixed flexion. Last year to compound matters I developed sciatica down the left leg from an osteophyte. I was in a bad way as the knee pain meant my muscles were weak, this effected my posture which in turn aggravated the sciatica. I was advised to try reformer Pilates and I was lucky to find Applied Pilates was close to where I live. When I met Teejay he was very welcoming, helpful and knowledgeable and knew exactly what I needed; he devised a programme of exercise which was tailored to my needs and as the weeks went by I became stronger, my right leg is now straight again and the sciatica has improved so much that I have days when I am totally free of pain. My life has been transformed, I look forward to my weekly sessions as I continue to strengthen my muscles and improve my posture.
Teejay’s wife Susan is delightful and very experienced too as I found out when I had some sessions with her.
One must not forget the gorgeous Jesse, the dog, who is so friendly and greets everyone.

The relief was immediate

on 17 Jan 2019 by Sylvie S | Occupation: Carer

I had been suffering from shoulder tension and back pain for over a month. It was getting debilitating at work and I became restless at night due to the pain. After my first session with Teejay I felt an immediate improvement and slept like a log that night! Now 4 days after my second treatment I am pain free and can get back to a normal routine. I would highly recommend Teejay’s expertise and care.