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Saved my teaching career

on 28 Apr 2014 by Michelle | Occupation: Ballet Teacher

I badly injured my lower back (herniated disc) and after over 2 years of physiotherapy, no one was able to help me. I couldnt even do simple every day things like make the bed or wash the dishes. I was petrified to move, despite my work demanding a great deal of physical activity. Teejay always tailors exercises to suit everyone’s individual needs so I felt very safe in his class, and he had all the answers to my many questions which helped reassure me. I have now been doing Pilates with Teejay for over 4 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I can do my job without constant pain and can do much more every day things. I definitely feel I have my life back now and in a lot of ways I am much stronger than before my injury. Thank you Teejay!