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"General Fitness" Testimonials

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I would urge anyone to give it a try

on 23 Nov 2018 by Lynn | Occupation: Retired

After my doctor and physiotherapist tried and failed to alleviate my lower back pain and sciatica, a friend recommended Applied Pilates.  I knew things would only get worse if I did nothing so I called Susan and, having told her about my problems, I explained that I was in my sixties, overweight and had done no serious exercise since I left school fifty years ago.  I thought she would tell me she couldn’t help, but I was so wrong!  She and Teejay have made me very welcome and designed a series of exercises to help me.  I have been attending classes for a year now and I am amazed at the results.  After a few months, the back pain was gone.  I am a lot stronger now;  my posture and balance have also improved and everyday tasks have become much easier.  For someone who doesn’t ‘do’ exercise, I look forward to each of Susan’s classes and really enjoy it.  I would urge anyone to give it a try.

Best for strength and flexibility

on 9 May 2018 by Finella T | Occupation: Lettings & Property Management

Over the years I have tried various forms of exercise and I have found this to be the most beneficial and enjoyable. Having suffered from lower back pain in the past, the reformers and the structured exercises have really helped. I rarely now have any problems. Susan has been brilliant at encouraging me to progress and keeps a watchful eye out if any errors. Not only are the classes very enjoyable; Susan and Teejay are Pilates professionals with very high levels of expertise. I know the exercises they have set for me work for me and not against me. When I finish the class I feel better and stronger every time. I highly recommend this studio to everyone.

A Fantastic Find!

on 23 Nov 2017 by Ciara C | Occupation: Tech Community Manager

I joined Applied Pilates at the start of 2017 after doing reformer Pilates on and off for about 3 years. Having recently moved to the area, I was keen to find somewhere new to practice and found the perfect fit in Applied Pilates.

Susan and Teejay are both incredibly knowledgeable, and really tailor routines to suit each client. They push me to improve, keep a watchful eye on my execution and effectively provide a 1:1 experience for everyone! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

Highly recommend!

on 11 Mar 2015 by Sharon | Occupation: Teacher

I have been attending Teejay’s classes for over 10 years. Initially I met him when he ran a Pilates mat class and he was able to help beginners and the more advanced in the class by differentiating the exercises. He could always adapt them too if you had a particular injury or problem. As soon as he set up this studio to run classes I signed up. Both he and Susan are so knowledgeable and friendly. The classes are enjoyable but you also work hard! I rarely miss a class because it has kept my back problem at bay and it is the only way I have found to keep my core strong.

Improved strength

on 27 Feb 2015 by Andy | Occupation: Electrician

Following treatment by Teejay for a football injury I started Pilates with Teejay and Susan. It has helped increase muscle strength and improved my core strength. The equipment allows muscles to be trained in isolation and in a controlled way.


on 12 Feb 2015 by Jon Tunnell | Occupation: Chartered Accountant

A very safe and enjoyable method to stay fit and flexible. Classes are kept small and are friendly and very professional. Would recommend them to anyone.

Brilliant for my back!

on 26 Nov 2014 by Abby | Occupation: Management Consultant

After suffering from sciatic pain for several months and failing to resolve it through other routes (chiropractor, bowen technique etc) I found out about Teejay’s classes on the internet and thought I’d give it a try. I am so glad I did. Through the classes my overall fitness and strength has really improved, but in particular my core strength and alignment have got much better and it has really helped with alleviating my back issues. I would thoroughly recommend a consultation with Teejay and joining his classes if you have any back issues or just want to improve your strength and fitness.

Exercise I actually enjoy!

on 30 Oct 2014 by Fiona | Occupation: Manager

I first went along to Pilates after becoming bored with the gym and picking up injuries from not using the equipment properly. In contrast, I look forward to every pilates session and don’t want to miss any. Teejay and Susan are very attentive and ensure I have a thorough and balanced workout each time.

Customer of Applied Pilates

on 29 Jul 2014 by Brian | Occupation: Company Director

I have been attending Applied Pilates for over three years. TJ Sogunro is the owner and instructor and is an excellent teacher, adding new equipment to enhance the range of exercises and varying them to suit the needs of his customers. I began to attend Applied Pilates having had a major heart operation. There is no doubt that it has contributed significantly to my complete recovery. I recommend him and his company unreservedly.

Gone but not forgotten

on 8 Jun 2014 by Marion Hall | Occupation: Legal Secretary

I have been attending a weekly class for 7 months and it has been the best exercise ever. I would like to thank Susan and Teejay for the patient way they pass on their knowledge and expertise. I am moving to Surrey and will miss them. It has been a joy.