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"Hypermobility" Testimonials

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Amazing Results For Back Pain – Best Money I’ve Ever Spent!

on 30 Apr 2018 by Vicki W | Occupation: Educational Psychologist

I honestly can’t recommend Susan & Teejay highly enough. After suffering from lower back pain for years as a result of hypermobility, I hit a wall early last year when the sciatic pain was unbearable. I read some reviews for Applied Pilates & thought I would try an initial consultation. I was really impressed with Teejay & continued to have a few 1:1 sessions before moving into group classes. The reduction in my pain has been amazing, never thought it would go away & still can’t quite believe it! Susan’s classes have been fantastic, & most recently she has helped me to continue exercising throughout my pregnancy & given me brilliant care & support. I can’t imagine not coming to these classes, I’m hooked! Thanks to you both. I recommend you to everyone!

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

on 25 Feb 2015 by Lucy | Occupation: Teacher

I feel so fortunate to have found Applied Pilates, it has been a true Godsend. My initial 15 minutes with Teejay were spent with me in desperate tears, I’d pretty much hit rock bottom with my health, I couldn’t face the state I’d got into from years of ineffective treatment for E.D.S symptoms and subsequent complete lack of exercise and the sports I had previously loved. I really couldn’t see a way through this – everything felt too difficult, too painful and too risky to my overall failing state of health.
So – here I am, one year on… After some initial 1:1 pilates sessions with Teejay, I now have the ability and belief in myself to attend a weekly group session. Teejay and Susan have nurtured the confidence in me to fully trust their Applied Pilates system, I now know that by following the exercise programme they have tailored to me I will not injure myself while using their reformer machines. I am so grateful to have happened upon their advertisement, I have gone from needing to walk with sticks for support, zero exercise, extremely reduced muscle mass, body strength and body confidence to now having built muscle in specific areas such as my hips, knees, core, neck, shoulders and back. My body is able to support itself now without the need for sticks, I only occasionally use my knee and wrist braces and when I do need additional help and a muscle has spasmed at work, I’ ll make a treatment appointment with Teejay and an hour later life continues – not as was in the past and I’d have to spend a week out off work as my muscle gradually relaxed. I honestly cannot rate Teejay, Susan and Applied Pilates enough – if you are in the situation I was in a year ago – go visit for that free 15 minutes, it may just change your life – as it has mine.

The Ideal Result

on 15 Jan 2014 by Joan Pearman | Occupation: Retired

I arrived at Applied Pilates after doing a search on the internet as it seemed their approach might help my particular needs. I was 65, had back problems going back to 1989. I am hyper-mobile, have different leg lengths & hip sizes resulting in scoliosis & twisted hips. I have shrunk 2 1/2 inches as a consequence of the discs in my lower spine being desiccated, but then, I am a grey wrinkly. In the late 90\s I developed a walking/gait problem with associated ache/pain which was temporarily resolved by a decompression op. for vertebral stenosis L 4/5, in 2001. After 6 months the walking problem returned minus the pain. When I walked I looked like a puppet with a string cut. Then, 3 1/2 years ago I developed a new source of back pain for which my GP had no answers. After 3+ years of Applied Pilates tutelage and encouragement and twice weekly sessions of effort, & I hope a positive attitude, I have achieved ALL I could have hoped for. It took 1 1/2 years to over-come the facet joint problem that the GP could not recognize and as of October 25th 2012 I am walking normally again – what joy ! All of my family are so pleased. The process is on-going but I have no doubt that my instinct was spot-on, Applied Pilates does ”what it says on the tin”.

Thanks so much Teejay and Susan