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"Osteoporosis" Testimonials

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Exercising with Osteoporosis

on 16 Nov 2018 by Liz | Occupation: Housewife

I love the way Susan and Teejay are able to fit the pilates programme to everone’s individual needs; in my case osteoporosis.  I could not do high impact exercises such as skipping or running on tarmac, so Susan fitted a small trampoline to the end of my Reformer bench.

Having been diagnosed 3 years ago, my check-up bone density scan taken last year showed that my bones were improving: one hip had gone from osteoporosis to having less serious osteopenia, ie thinning of the bone rather than looking like a Swiss cheese!

I also think the exercises improve my circulation as they seem to involve every muscle in the body; I come out of my weekly class feeling stronger and fitter.

What’s not to like about doing a work out lying on your back!