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A Fantastic Find!

on 23 Nov 2017 by Ciara C | Occupation: Tech Community Manager

I joined Applied Pilates at the start of 2017 after doing reformer Pilates on and off for about 3 years. Having recently moved to the area, I was keen to find somewhere new to practice and found the perfect fit in Applied Pilates.

Susan and Teejay are both incredibly knowledgeable, and really tailor routines to suit each client. They push me to improve, keep a watchful eye on my execution and effectively provide a 1:1 experience for everyone! I can’t recommend them highly enough!

My Journey

on 18 Jul 2017 by Susan P | Occupation: Food Development Consultant

I wanted to share my experiences of joining the Applied Pilates community. Two years ago, having struggled hugely to find a way to improve my health, fitness, lose weight and prepare myself for a hip replacement I joined Applied Pilates and started on a journey. Throughout the process both Teejay and Susan have encouraged me and helped me to conquer my fears. Teejay has kept me physically mobile through when I’ve been really suffering with pain and using his treatments have enabled me to walk and work when I was doubled up!

Applied Pilates is more than just a pilates centre, it is a fantastically supportive hub… I am now hooked!
I am now 8 weeks post my hip replacement and I’m back on the reformer enjoying the healthy banter…. 30 kilos lighter and enjoying a new found energy and vitality and being encouraged and supported back to fitness. I am absolutely convinced that my quick recovery had a significant bearing on my fitness as a result of my pilates which I managed to keep doing up until the week before my operation.

Thank you Teejay and Susan for having a really unique set up and for helping me to get to where I am today, I am truly grateful.

My former self back again!

on 12 Jul 2017 by Jayne | Occupation: Hairdresser

After a long 3 day labour 13 years ago my beautiful daughter was born but unfortunately my coccyx got so damaged that I could not sit for longer than 10 minutes at a time, the pain was awful, with damaged ligaments and nerves. I also had a prolapsed disc in my spine and was again in agony and could not do any of my normal activities for 3 months. So I started at Applied Pilates with Susan and Teejay after them both being highly recommended. My life has changed so much…..I can now sit without being in pain and my normal activities have all resumed without being in pain. After having steroid injections every year for 12 years into my coccyx and spine I’ve not had to have anymore and hopefully shall never need another ever again thanks to my weekly Pilates workout. A huge thank you to the lovely and very clever Susan and Teejay! My former self is back again! X

Long overdue praise!

on 3 Apr 2017 by Ana P | Occupation: Doctor

My praise for the team is long overdue. Susan and Teejay helped me get back to skiing after I snapped AC ligaments in both knees. And ever since I started attending their pilates classes my prolapsed disc has not bothered me. Thank you for enabling me to enjoy life as I have used to!

Back pain gone!

on 17 Nov 2016 by Eleanor | Occupation: Senior Buying Manager

After back surgery to remove a prolapsed disc I was still experiencing intermittent back pain 2 yrs later despite regular osteopath visits. I was recommended to clinical pilates and wish I had known about it years ago. My back pain has disappeared thanks to Teejay and Susan who have been supportive and fantastic teachers. My core strength has improved massively, back pain has been cured and now take weekly classes to maintain my well being. The classes are small and friendly and very welcoming. I can’t recommend the Applied Pilates too highly, excellent results and feel like I have a new lease of life.

Why didn’t I start years ago!

on 27 Oct 2016 by Natalie | Occupation: Actuary

After years of physios telling me “Pilates, pilates, pilates!” to help my back, I finally listened and started coming to group sessions with Teejay and Susan. After just 4 short months I have seen a noticeable improvement in my strength and have considerably less discomfort in my lower back. I find that many of the techniques I am learning are starting to become instinctive in my everyday life and this is making a big difference.

I thoroughly enjoy the group sessions – there is a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, and it is also inspiring to watch those who are more advanced and know what I might be able to do one day!

I wish I had started years ago – thanks Teejay and Susan!

Highly recommend!

on 11 Mar 2015 by Sharon | Occupation: Teacher

I have been attending Teejay’s classes for over 10 years. Initially I met him when he ran a Pilates mat class and he was able to help beginners and the more advanced in the class by differentiating the exercises. He could always adapt them too if you had a particular injury or problem. As soon as he set up this studio to run classes I signed up. Both he and Susan are so knowledgeable and friendly. The classes are enjoyable but you also work hard! I rarely miss a class because it has kept my back problem at bay and it is the only way I have found to keep my core strong.

Improved strength

on 27 Feb 2015 by Andy | Occupation: Electrician

Following treatment by Teejay for a football injury I started Pilates with Teejay and Susan. It has helped increase muscle strength and improved my core strength. The equipment allows muscles to be trained in isolation and in a controlled way.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

on 25 Feb 2015 by Lucy | Occupation: Teacher

I feel so fortunate to have found Applied Pilates, it has been a true Godsend. My initial 15 minutes with Teejay were spent with me in desperate tears, I’d pretty much hit rock bottom with my health, I couldn’t face the state I’d got into from years of ineffective treatment for E.D.S symptoms and subsequent complete lack of exercise and the sports I had previously loved. I really couldn’t see a way through this – everything felt too difficult, too painful and too risky to my overall failing state of health.
So – here I am, one year on… After some initial 1:1 pilates sessions with Teejay, I now have the ability and belief in myself to attend a weekly group session. Teejay and Susan have nurtured the confidence in me to fully trust their Applied Pilates system, I now know that by following the exercise programme they have tailored to me I will not injure myself while using their reformer machines. I am so grateful to have happened upon their advertisement, I have gone from needing to walk with sticks for support, zero exercise, extremely reduced muscle mass, body strength and body confidence to now having built muscle in specific areas such as my hips, knees, core, neck, shoulders and back. My body is able to support itself now without the need for sticks, I only occasionally use my knee and wrist braces and when I do need additional help and a muscle has spasmed at work, I’ ll make a treatment appointment with Teejay and an hour later life continues – not as was in the past and I’d have to spend a week out off work as my muscle gradually relaxed. I honestly cannot rate Teejay, Susan and Applied Pilates enough – if you are in the situation I was in a year ago – go visit for that free 15 minutes, it may just change your life – as it has mine.


on 12 Feb 2015 by Jon Tunnell | Occupation: Chartered Accountant

A very safe and enjoyable method to stay fit and flexible. Classes are kept small and are friendly and very professional. Would recommend them to anyone.