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Gets Results!

on 14 Apr 2014 by Gordon | Occupation: Mergers and Acquisitions Accountant

After almost 30 years of occasionally acute but short-lived back problems caused by sitting behind a desk and doing no exercise, my back finally decided “no more” and I was struck down with severe back pain from prolapsed discs and facet joint syndrome, which left me literally flat out in bed for a month. I visited consultants who wanted to operate, and an osteopath who actually made things much worse. Then I went along to Teejay and he has made an enormous difference. Thanks to a progressive exercise plan my back problem is now under control, I feel stronger and am enjoying doing exercise for the first time ever! Teejay is a great guy with masses of experience, and works at a pace best suited to you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Applied Pilates is the way forward!

on 11 Apr 2014 by Jay S | Occupation: Estate Agent

I was recommended to Teejay by a friend who was already a client as I have had lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems in my leg for many years. Until I started seeing Teejay from September 2013, I had actually given up hope (after different physios, chiropractors, injections, etc etc!). I am now in less to zero pain, I feel stronger & fitter and in fact Im keen to go from 1 session a week to 2 to really build up a better level of core stability and body strength.

I cannot recommend Teejay enough and urge anyone with back issues to see him! Thanks Teejay 🙂

Best studio in Herts!

on 9 Apr 2014 by Peter Mason | Occupation: IT Consultant

After years of osteopathy treatment I was fortunate enough to wander into Teejay’s studio about 7 years ago. That was my lucky day because Teejay fixed what the Osteopaths couldn’t and my chronically bad back is better than it’s been since I can remember. I carry on seeing Teejay for 2 reasons – first because it’s good for my back and keeps me fit, second because he’s a top bloke and good fun.

Thanks Teejay

on 2 Apr 2014 by Lisa Silverbeck | Occupation: Childcare

I first heard of Teejay from a friend having had lower back pain for many years. As I had wasted many hours and much money on trying to fix my back I thought I’d give it a go. I have never looked back! It didn’t take long for Teejay to work his magic and I was soon pain free. I have now been going to his classes ever since and have had no pain. It really does work, and I am fitter than ever with a nicely toned body!

Panacea for MSK Issues

on 11 Mar 2014 by J K Silver | Occupation: HGV1 Driver

Had been suffering from sciatica where every 5min walk took another 15min rest of my time to ease the tingling sensation, numbness and unbearable pain that goes with sciatica. The frustration at my restricted lifestyle was immense. The determination to heal took me to all sorts of therapies: Physio, chiro, yoga,reflexology, acupuncture not to mention the countless massages I have had to spend money on and the GP’s who couldn’t diagnose the cause of the pain. I also fell for all those rubbish gismos on the internet that promises to heal but makes you worse of. Until I decided to give Pilates a trial. Teejay knows his stuff. In just three sessions with him I could feel the difference to all those other therapies. I have just completed my first month with Applied Pilates and I’m not looking back. Thanks Teejay

A weekly must

on 18 Jan 2014 by Danielle Oliver | Occupation: Personal Assistant

I joined Applied Pilates 6 months ago and have been going 2/3 times a week ever since. I thoroughly enjoy the group classes with Teejay/Susan and find them both to be very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone that attends seems very friendly. The workouts keep me fit, healthy, stress and injury free. Keep up the good work and Thank you.

The Ideal Result

on 15 Jan 2014 by Joan Pearman | Occupation: Retired

I arrived at Applied Pilates after doing a search on the internet as it seemed their approach might help my particular needs. I was 65, had back problems going back to 1989. I am hyper-mobile, have different leg lengths & hip sizes resulting in scoliosis & twisted hips. I have shrunk 2 1/2 inches as a consequence of the discs in my lower spine being desiccated, but then, I am a grey wrinkly. In the late 90\s I developed a walking/gait problem with associated ache/pain which was temporarily resolved by a decompression op. for vertebral stenosis L 4/5, in 2001. After 6 months the walking problem returned minus the pain. When I walked I looked like a puppet with a string cut. Then, 3 1/2 years ago I developed a new source of back pain for which my GP had no answers. After 3+ years of Applied Pilates tutelage and encouragement and twice weekly sessions of effort, & I hope a positive attitude, I have achieved ALL I could have hoped for. It took 1 1/2 years to over-come the facet joint problem that the GP could not recognize and as of October 25th 2012 I am walking normally again – what joy ! All of my family are so pleased. The process is on-going but I have no doubt that my instinct was spot-on, Applied Pilates does ”what it says on the tin”.

Thanks so much Teejay and Susan

Everybody can benefit

on 5 Dec 2012 by Will John | Occupation: Professional Squash Player

In my opinion Teejay Sogunro’s Applied Pilates Studio is the answer to many of the injuries that people just put up with on a daily basis. I am a professional squash player and we work together to keep me injury free and to improve my physical conditioning. I have seen and heard of a large number of people with various problems (mainly back related) rapidly improve once Teejay begins working with them.


on 12 Sep 2012 by Kim Louey | Occupation: Police Officer

Following a course of physiotherapy I was in despair that I would ever recover from a back injury. Teejay’s classes have enabled me to get moving again mostly pain free. His expertise and advice on the correct excercises has meant that I was able to pass the police fitness test allowing me to return to work. Thank you Teejay.


on 12 Aug 2012 by Jackie Cohen | Occupation: Book Keeper

After being in severe back and neck pain for 18 months and having many injections, my back specialist recommended me to Teejay. I cannot thank Teejay enough. After 6 months, I can now sit for prolonged periods which I couldn’t do before and am out of that constant pain. Thank you Teejay for giving me quality of life back again.