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Saved my sporting career

on 27 Apr 2014 by Philip | Occupation: CFO

I’ve known Teejay since 2006 when I came across him after I was recovering from a ruptured achilles and could not walk well and considered my sporting career at an end. Through many years work with Teejay – including sports injury treatments on my leg and targeted Pilates on strengthening my leg muscles I now actively play squash and tennis, ski and cycle – completing Ride London 100 last year. Although I still get gripes in my leg, regular maintenance sessions with Teejay ensure it remains it good nick. Like many of the testimonials I consider Teejay a real expert at resolving these types of issues where he takes holistic view to treatment and tailors it to an individual’s specific problem. l consider Teejay as a good friend these days and have no hesitation recommending him to anyone.

Get your life back

on 27 Apr 2014 by Gary Jarvis | Occupation: Specialist Building Surveyor

After suffering a prolapsed disc in my lower back, I was left in significant pain for over a year or more. I could hardly weight bear on my left leg and could barely walk. This eventually led to a scoliosis of my lower back due to my adapted posture compensating for the pain. Having heard about the possible benefits of Pilates for my condition, I started to look around for suitable classes. However, I was nervous about attending a general Pilates class as I was concerned that unless it was tailored to my condition it could cause more harm than good. Thankfully, I found Teejay and Applied Pilates. I must say, I was very nervous attending my first few sessions, my condition had slowly been improving and on my first session I was bit paranoid that the exercises could stress my back and cause a relapse. However, I needn’t have worried, Teejay was very understanding and built up my exercises gradually at a pace I felt comfortable with. At no time did I feel the exercises I was doing would ever compromise my condition. In fact as it turned out, the opposite is true. Over time I have become more and more confident with the tailored Pilates routine and I feel I have become stronger and more resilient since regularly attending the classes. The back pain is now largely resolved and my scoliosis has significantly improved as well as my general posture. I now attend once a week for an hour session and feel this allows me to manage my condition, by improving and maintaining my core strength and so reducing the risk of a relapse. I have no hesitation recommending Teejay to others.

You won’t look back!

on 25 Apr 2014 by Laura | Occupation: Student Nurse

I have been coming to Applied Pilates classes for over 4 years and can honestly say it has made a significant improvement to my posture and back pain. I had done mat pilates classes before and found these had no benefit whatsoever but as soon as I started these classes my back pain started to disappear, it felt like a miracle. The classes are tailored to your individual needs, which is very beneficial. I had been to osteopaths and chiropractors and none of this helped with my back pain, it was just a waste of money. I attend the classes weekly to maintain my core strength and fitness and I have wonderful instruction with a lot of patience. I would highly recommend Applied Pilates to anyone who wants to get fit or has a niggling injury. I promise you won’t regret it.

Just do it!

on 18 Apr 2014 by Nigel Woodhead | Occupation: Carpet Cleaner

I was a very tired and desperate 51 year old guy whose long term back problems had led to a cessation of my very active sporting life and talks of early retirement from my physical job. Physiotherapy, acupuncture, steroid injections had provided only temporary relief and I was resorting to living on high doses of Cocodamol, just to get by. As a last throw of the dice I tried Pilates with Teejay and it has proved to be one of the best decisions I have made. Fast forward 8 months and I am swimming, cycling and managing to work unimpeded by my back condition. Teejay immediately recognised my back condition and designed a weekly programme for me to follow which I have done religiously. My core strength has improved dramatically and it is this new strength that is enabling me to manage my back condition and enjoy life to the full. I can’t recommend Teejay highly enough!

Gets Results!

on 14 Apr 2014 by Gordon | Occupation: Mergers and Acquisitions Accountant

After almost 30 years of occasionally acute but short-lived back problems caused by sitting behind a desk and doing no exercise, my back finally decided “no more” and I was struck down with severe back pain from prolapsed discs and facet joint syndrome, which left me literally flat out in bed for a month. I visited consultants who wanted to operate, and an osteopath who actually made things much worse. Then I went along to Teejay and he has made an enormous difference. Thanks to a progressive exercise plan my back problem is now under control, I feel stronger and am enjoying doing exercise for the first time ever! Teejay is a great guy with masses of experience, and works at a pace best suited to you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Applied Pilates is the way forward!

on 11 Apr 2014 by Jay S | Occupation: Estate Agent

I was recommended to Teejay by a friend who was already a client as I have had lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems in my leg for many years. Until I started seeing Teejay from September 2013, I had actually given up hope (after different physios, chiropractors, injections, etc etc!). I am now in less to zero pain, I feel stronger & fitter and in fact Im keen to go from 1 session a week to 2 to really build up a better level of core stability and body strength.

I cannot recommend Teejay enough and urge anyone with back issues to see him! Thanks Teejay 🙂

Best studio in Herts!

on 9 Apr 2014 by Peter Mason | Occupation: IT Consultant

After years of osteopathy treatment I was fortunate enough to wander into Teejay’s studio about 7 years ago. That was my lucky day because Teejay fixed what the Osteopaths couldn’t and my chronically bad back is better than it’s been since I can remember. I carry on seeing Teejay for 2 reasons – first because it’s good for my back and keeps me fit, second because he’s a top bloke and good fun.

Thanks Teejay

on 2 Apr 2014 by Lisa Silverbeck | Occupation: Childcare

I first heard of Teejay from a friend having had lower back pain for many years. As I had wasted many hours and much money on trying to fix my back I thought I’d give it a go. I have never looked back! It didn’t take long for Teejay to work his magic and I was soon pain free. I have now been going to his classes ever since and have had no pain. It really does work, and I am fitter than ever with a nicely toned body!

Panacea for MSK Issues

on 11 Mar 2014 by J K Silver | Occupation: HGV1 Driver

Had been suffering from sciatica where every 5min walk took another 15min rest of my time to ease the tingling sensation, numbness and unbearable pain that goes with sciatica. The frustration at my restricted lifestyle was immense. The determination to heal took me to all sorts of therapies: Physio, chiro, yoga,reflexology, acupuncture not to mention the countless massages I have had to spend money on and the GP’s who couldn’t diagnose the cause of the pain. I also fell for all those rubbish gismos on the internet that promises to heal but makes you worse of. Until I decided to give Pilates a trial. Teejay knows his stuff. In just three sessions with him I could feel the difference to all those other therapies. I have just completed my first month with Applied Pilates and I’m not looking back. Thanks Teejay

A weekly must

on 18 Jan 2014 by Danielle Oliver | Occupation: Personal Assistant

I joined Applied Pilates 6 months ago and have been going 2/3 times a week ever since. I thoroughly enjoy the group classes with Teejay/Susan and find them both to be very professional and knowledgeable. Everyone that attends seems very friendly. The workouts keep me fit, healthy, stress and injury free. Keep up the good work and Thank you.